0225 21: The Great Defect

The pie is big enough for all of us. 

What this means is that we can always find a common ground. If not, we can create it. 

For some reason, other people don’t seem to find this possible.

Which in part creates a defect in whatever environment we operate in.

Thus because people believe that opportunities are limited. They want to get as much as they can in whatever means necessary. 

In context, we can categories these people as non-believers. 

They are blind-sighted by shiny things and don’t believe in possibilities.  

So long as we have these characters around there will always be a defect in our society and culture.

Relationships won’t prosper as they should. Ideas won’t evolve that much and a greater output of work won’t be applied.   

This is where the defect is and this is where we find Africa to be.

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