A new business approach: We were our first project!

 How it all started: A new business approach

The story begins in 2010 when we first moved to Johannesburg in search of the golden illusion that everyone was talking about. Fortunately, it did not take long for us to realise that before a breakthrough of any kind it all starts with seeking your own path even if it is not gold. That was our new business approach.

A news business approach: Passion led us here
How it all started

We have defined our story by staying true to our course and seeking the truth in the process. Little did we know that it was just the beginning that lead to the birth of Blvck Universe. Contentious, isn’t it? The name came in as an inspiration to changing the views and perspectives of those around us. With an aim to break the norm by growing ourselves into something very different.

Cartel: A group that collude to limit competition within an industry or market.

Syndicate: A group of individuals formed to transact some specific business or to promote a common interest.

As an organisation seeking to be an influential thought leader. We wanted to ensure that we inspired and kept our stakeholders interested in every discussion or dialogue we engaged them in.

Developing our first project

If you have the right look at it, without notice we started Cartel Syndicate as our first project of note. Contrary, throughout our journey, we were constantly in search of inspirations and ideas to work on, therefore, looking for the perfect execution. We struggled to work on concepts with a thought that it was only possible to fulfil once the right business structures were laid out in front of us. Yes, it is true that structures are necessary for any kind of new developments.

However, we soon realised that the real challenge begins with finding our own voice, an identity that is distinctly ours.

We had to put ourselves to the task, challenged our intuition, observing from all aspects of our working space. Learning to operate a business from a financial point of view, digital marketing, project management, content curation and now to ultimately developing our own website.

Having to start the first project it is never an easy task. We had to apply everything we know while learning. As a result, this didn’t leave us enough space to absorb our progress, however, we ensured that our input was of great effort. We had to do it because once you believe in something great. It takes a lot of self-control and patience to begin. Therefore, we knew that the right moment will eventually fall into place.

A new business approach: Hustle
Developing our first project

Breaking it down further

The Cartel project or rather Cartel Syndicate is a defiant organisation working through the struggles facing young professionals. We are working to adjust the entrepreneur landscape. In a sense, we are promoting passion projects amongst those willing to rebel.

We draw our inspiration from exploitation facing young professionals. Many industries are slow and not acting on the issue of inclusiveness and transformation. Therefore, as young creatives with passions, it is now up to us to work together. Creating our own desired industries by not depending on anyone to determine our future.

Right now, we believe that we are ready. Cartel Syndicate is here to work with those who are looking to change the face of many industries across Africa. This doesn’t leave out the fact that we will open our own industries, taking the big fishes head on.

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