002 20: Care To Go With What Might Not Work

Uncertain lady standing next to three arrows


During one of her recent tryouts, my partner had to decide between two different packaging containers. One she knew was most likely to work and the other she was sceptical about the shape and its practicality. So she asked for my opinion, impulsively I told her not to go with the one she felt was going to work.

We learn more when we deal with uncertainty. A step towards it is a step closer to new opportunities. There is no place for growth without uncertainty, which makes it invaluable.

Given that, the moment we choose to embrace what makes us uncomfortable is the moment we discover how much we care.

When we’re not simply driven by our aim we tell ourselves a story about quality, design, durability, or business norms. But often as we rationalise about the advantages of one container or product element over another, the differentiator we perceive is the degree of love and care that’s gone into making or delivering it. When we care it shows.

Care to embrace uncertainty even when you can’t afford it.

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