The importance of side projects and hobby therapy

Side projects and hobby therapy

Side projects and hobby therapy
The importance of side projects and hobbies

We look at two of the greatest names that have made a success for themselves working on side projects. Further, we discuss the importance of working on side projects.

These individuals have become synonymous with the ideals and concepts of their subject matter. In like manner, this has placed their contributions and body of work amongst those worthy of studying. Today, we consider them experts because of their love, passion and unprecedented way of having fun.

Albert Einstein started his first job as an assistant clerk at an office. He spent most of his free time working on theoretical physics. He published a number of science articles, where he established what we now know as Theory of Relativity.

Walt Disney started hand-building steam trains in his backyard as a hobby, he went about rendering a joy ride service to kids and adults around his neighbourhood, his hobby was further developed into a bigger idea that set up an enterprise that we know today as Disneyland.

Noticing what these two greats have managed to do for themselves. Don’t you feel that everyone and yourself included should have a personal side project on the go? If you ask us, we feel that’s true.

Everyone should consider doing something outside of their full-time jobs. Whether it be starting a blog, taking photography lessons, creating a new website for yourself, non-profit work, or even acquiring new skill sets that will give you an advantage at what you do. The list is endless on what you can incorporate into a side project. In addition, not only does it keep you busy, but there is a value that comes with it.

Side projects can help you a lot with personal growth. This varies from professional development and establishing new opportunities in your discipline. Also, providing you with much-needed energy and therapy. For instance, helping you feel relaxed and in control outside of work. Enabling you to deal with any psychological defects that could be growing due to not having anything to do in your free time.

5 Benefits of side projects and hobbies
6 Benefits of side projects and hobbies

In addition, always find valuable reasons to get into side projects, be helpful and collaborative whenever you find an opportunity. As part of the conversation, we thought it would be better to make a list of benefits that comes with creating your own work, we’ve noticed that side projects:

  • Build more work for your portfolio,
  • Encourages creativity,
  • Increases your learning,
  • Expands your territory and comfort zone,
  • They are low risk, low pressure, and productive fun,
  • They help you understand your ideas better

In conclusion, you know we can never mention projects without creativity. Creativity is the ability to join ideas or bring about so-called new concepts to life. The process has been known to be for the rebellious people, those who break out of their way to do more for themselves. Therefore, these are individuals that seek to bring about what’s not in existence to life. They know that success is influenced by the need to be creative. Seek to be creative, and be your own therapist, remember these five important points to keep you going:

  • Doing a little bit for yourself won’t hurt
  • Your work is your voice
  • Always seek to find yourself in order to establish where you’re going
  • Do your own work to reinforce yourself
  • Always finish what you start
  • Do things that you enjoy and have lots of fun!

We’d love to hear from you too! Are you working on any side projects? So, feel free to drop a link in the comments and share your thoughts on the topic, maybe you can meet other collaborators in the effort!