The voice in our ideas

Finding the voice in our ideas

The voice our ideas
The voice in our ideas

We discuss finding the voice in our ideas, with reference to our previous post We were our first project: New business approach!

It is ideally befitting that you don’t look far for good ideas or new projects. We believe that one good approach to follow is by building from where you are. You begin to develop your ideas by understanding what you are going to do. Therefore, take into consideration the existing resources you have in place.

You may start by uncovering the space you have available for self-expression and looking at what is around you? Through observation, you will notice skills that you have simply mastered and can enact without even thinking. These points of abilities will give you a clue on structures you can employ to pursue your ideas.

“Start with what you do well”

Ideas need development, creating solid goals can assist you to bring about absolute value into your ideas. Know exactly what you are aiming for and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. This is the basic foundation necessary to effect the kind of change you will like to see in your progress.

As a creative, you will need to remember, that it is merely the idea that matters but the expression of the idea, how it is executed. With different types of ideas being out there, some are hard to explain, because they create intangible and sometimes completely invisible results.

No one really wants their work to be of no tangible results, therefore for us to be able to create better work with tangible results, we need a voice for our ideas. Think of your idea as part of a personality that identifies your body of work and identifies how you will like this personality to interact, relate and develop relationships with your stakeholders.

“A voice within the noise”

In conclusion, we can say that it is a challenging task to establish a voice within a clutter of other voices, but we might all agree that your voice is something that you discover through continuous practice and implementation – as humans we learn by action, observation, then correction. Continuing to follow this process, the knowledge and experience put into our work becomes a very valuable investment, a source to create work that stands out with a voice. So, start your work today!

We’d love to hear from you so please leave us a comment below and care to be generous with your advice and thoughts on the process of how best to create a voice for our work.