Business ideas aren’t dead, we need to stop killing them

Business ideas aren’t dead, here’s why

Business Ideas aren't dead we need to stop killing them
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Business ideas don’t just die. Contrary to local research the business climate for developing entrepreneurs has become hostile, regardless of governments involvement with initiatives such as Proudly South African.

Supporting developing businesses is an issue affecting our entrepreneurial flair as South Africans. Consumers are not as responsive and easily persuaded by new businesses. Again, they don’t rush to spend their hard-earned money on a business unless it proves its worth.

Today we find a wave of defiant brands striving to immerse their impact within various industries. Their eagerness has driven large corporate companies into focusing their attention on miniature businesses that inspire innovative ideas. At the same time, we have incubators established all over to help break the silence for disruptive business ideas.

Negative vibes turned into a whole different energy

Consequently, in the driver’s seat is the South African youth, tired of being dependent on the delusions of a failed democracy. Their interests focused on pioneering a new wave of what we call ‘’It’s for the culture”.

It’s for the culture

The phrase feeds the ambition to lead a movement of entrepreneurship, synonymous with the hopefuls who have decided to stand up for their future. The sentimental value attached to it has stirred an unprecedented success for emerging businesses. Regardless of the challenges faced, they are resilient and adapt well enough to the hostility to keep their heads above the water.

Their influence has given birth to a new economy of disruptive ideas. As a result, a new group of consumers has started to invest into brands because of the sentimental values they reflect.

To take our discussion further, we attempt to look at factors we see fit to the success of a developing business idea. Building a business that people can resonate or identify with depends on its impact and the consumers’ perception of it. In contrast, we believe creating attractive business values comes with focusing your efforts on:

  • Being disruptive
  • Thinking beyond
  • Not doing it alone
  • Daring to win
  • Starting small
  • Facing your challenges
  • Establishing a new business approach
  • Dealing with change
  • Using available resources
  • Believing in your ideas

Time for practice

Lastly, we believe business owners and the consumers are co-operators in the death of business ideas. In order for growth to happen, we need to fight and keep our ideas alive. Moreover, we should look at benefits that come with supporting local businesses and use this to our advantage to encourage more interest in entrepreneurship.

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