038 20: Hills Are A Wonderful Metaphor

Nugget Street In Hillbrow
Image by Google Maps

When I got my first permanent job at a bank in Parktown, I walked to work and back every day. On a fine summer day in Johannesburg, walking is fun, but it’s a different story in winter. The worst part was always the incline in Hillbrow on the way to work. I’d try to keep a constant pace as long as possible, not wanting the gradient to beat me. But when the frost was thick and the road a bit slick with ice, walking in formal shoes – there was nothing for me but to walk up slowly until I reached the top.

Hillbrow Hill
Image by: Heather Mason of 2Summers blog

As my progress up the hill would go down, I’d get annoyed at the wasted momentum, thinking how much earlier I would have arrived if I’d managed to keep a good pace. And yet, I still got to work. Maybe a few minutes later, with a bit less energy and tolerance. I reached my destination all the same anyway.

Whenever I feel like things are not moving fast and well enough, I remember that hill and that I arrived one way or another.

If you’re feeling the same today, feel free to borrow my hill if it helps you to keep moving.

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