013 20: The Subjective Nature Of Creativity

“No person, act or product is creative or uncreative in itself. Judgments of creativity are inherently communal, relying heavily on individuals expert within a domain.” (Gardner, 1994: 145)

A page from Sun Tzu the Art of War
Sun Tzu on the Art of War: The oldest military treatise in the world.

Creativity is the most practical thing to pursue.  It is the solution to every problem we will ever know. We use it to combine anything to make things new and useful. We use it to bring about changes. 

In many instances, we perceive an idea not creative if it brings about no change unless it is new to us. However, creativity is subjective and it requires perspective. The possibilities are infinite.

The image is an extract from; 
Sun-tzu, & Giles M.A Lionel. (2000). Sun Tzu on the Art of War - The oldest military treatise in the world. Giles ed. [ebook] 2 Park House, 21 St Leonards Rd Leicester LE2 1WS, England: Allendale Online Publishing, p.16. Available at: https://issuu.com/somux/docs/sun_tzu__the_art_of_war_ [Accessed 05 April 2020].

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