009 20: Digital Nomads

Technology has freed us from our desks and given us the global reach that allows us to work anywhere at any time. The flexibility in working hours and access to clients has freed talent from the thought of being tied to just one organisation. Those who have experienced the possibilities don’t want to work 9-hour days anymore. 

Understandably so, the advantage is that they can determine how much they earn. They have free reign to try new ideas, create a shift in the markets and evolve their careers.  

In an organisation, talent wants to be seen and wants the ability to influence their work. They commit to working hard so as to make their experience better and can get frustrated when they feel like they aren’t given a chance to apply themselves. Human beings like to be seen as problem-solvers who can help create better ideas. If they are told to just “keep their head down” they find other ways to be effective or they simply excuse themselves.

Sooner or later the gig economy and the digital nomad lifestyle is going to force organisations to take leaps in their human resources administration. Organisations that still believe in seeing talent in action will have to obsess about delighting employees.

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